Intuitive platform for legal automation

Combining automation and analytics


Incase360 is a platform for sending legal communications digitally. Think of it as a courier partner but for digital mediums like email / WhatsApp / SMS.

Note: Incase360 does not represent the sender or provide any legal advice. It is not responsible for any contents of the communication.

You can reply to it and add attachments using the link provided in the email body / WhatsApp message / SMS. For any other information, you can contact the sender.

Leverage machine intelligence to

Create customized templates

Automate legal workflow

Generate & e-sign bulk documents

Serve & track e-notices in real-time

Negotiate terms

Analyse responses & achieve resolutions

Begin your automation journey today


Easy toCreate.

One-time setup and integration of template and workflow.


Simple ToSend.

One-click generation and service of


Effective to Manage.

One-roof analysis of responses and next steps.

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